Practical and pragmatic analytics solutions.

Practical and pragmatic analytics solutions.

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RFM Modeling; Factor Analysis;Clustering Analysis; Linear Regression Modeling; Response Modeling; Uplift Modeling; Churn Modeling; Time Series Modeling; Pricing Elasticity Modeling; Retail Trade Area Modeling; Best Customer Lookalike Modeling.

Multi-dimensional segmentation; Multi-level Segmentation; Customer Profile; Customer Personas; Customer Journey Mapping; The 360-degree Customer View; Focus Group; Online Survey.

SEO and Paid Search Marketing; Affiliate Marketing; Content Marketing; Social Marketing; E-Mail Marketing; Video Marketing, Web Analytics.

Centralized Data Platform; Data Quality Improvement; Hygiene; Data Append; Multichannel Data Integration; The 360-Degree Customer View.

Direct Mail Mail List Selection; Mail List Improvement; Prospect List Improvement; Personification; Offer Testing; Direct Mail Campaign Design; Campaign Execution; Promotion Match-back; Lift Analysis.

Catalog List Selection; Catalog Prospect List Improvement; Product Selection; Square Inch Analysis; Testing Design; Catalog Campaign Match-back; Promotional Lift Analysis.

Store Clustering Analysis; Retail Store Trade Area Modeling; Site Selection Modeling; Pricing Elasticity Modeling; Testing; Merchandise Optimization; Inventory Management; Local Marketing, etc.

Program Evaluation; Segmentation; Value Proposition; Contact Strategy Optimization; Testing; Campaign Analysis; Promotional Lift Analysis.

Marketing Mix Modeling; Multi-Touch Points Attributions; Promotional Lift Analysis; Corporate Reporting; Marketing Dashboard.