What We Do

Revenue Insights is a marketing and analytics services firm focusing on helping multichannel merchants grow sales and maximize profits through business intelligence. We transform data into actionable insights to enable brands to understand customer and prospect behavior. We work closely with clients to design effective and meaningful marketing campaigns and then execute, track, measure and improve those programs.

Revenue Insights combines analytics, smart people, and extensive, industry specific experience to help clients build highly profitable relationship with customers.

We shorten clients’ return on investment cycle through the synergy of Strategic Consulting, Advanced Analytics, Multichannel-Marketing, and Enterprise Reporting.

Special Offers for Small Business

At Revenue Insights, our mission is to help small and midsize clients to Grow Revenue with Actionable Insights. We offer a compelling value proposition. Check out our specials.

Why Choose Us

  • Smart People

    Our Senior Analytics Professionals have decades of expertise in advanced analytical techniques and extensive, industry specific experience. We draw on deep experience and fact-based analysis to design pragmatic and actionable solutions.
  • Measurable Marketing Success

    We know that clients need quantifiable results - not PDF and Power Points. We work with clients to ensure that marketing dollars are being spent effectively and the results are concrete and measurable.
  • Cost Effective

    We serve as an extension of your team. We work creatively to increase revenue and save costs for clients. In a budget constrained environment, we offer a very compelling value proposition.

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