Revenue Insights build a profitable partnership with clients. We offer the following services to help clients to achieve quantifiable successes.

We shorten clients' return on investment cycle through the synergy of Strategic Consulting, Advanced Analytics, Multichannel-Marketing, and Enterprise Reporting.

Advanced Analytics

Consumer Segmentation

Customer Profile

Customer Value Analysis

Predictive Modeling

Customer Acquisition Modeling

Demand Forecasting

Customer Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Modeling

Uplift Modeling

Retail Trade Area Modeling (RTA Modeling)

Customer Churn and Retention Modeling

Multichannel Marketing

Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Catalog circulation management

eMail marketing contact strategy

Direct mail and email test designs

Corporate Reporting and Measurement

Marketing Dashboard

Campaign List Report

Catalog Square Inch Report

Segment Migration Report

Small Business Specials

Revenue Insights offers a compelling value proposition

Being a Small-to-Midsize company does not mean that you have less sophisticated needs than an enterprise company. You approach the markets the same way as big companies do, but with much less budget and more challenges such as limited IT support for database marketing initiatives, over-stretched marketing staff, and budgeting constraints, just to name a few. You wanted to know how to optimize the marketing spend and achieve concrete results. But these big consulting firms out there are simply too expensive for you. Check out our specials.